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Our company was founded to expand our hobby & passion for Multicopters. While there are many different configurations of these aircraft, our current direction and focus is for the Hexacopter. Like many, we feel that this configuration has physical properties that produce a superior aircraft & airframe. Our goal is to provide a Carbon Fiber Hexacopter Airframe that is superior to our bigger competitors in ease of assembly, parts reduction, strength, reduced weight and flexibility in assembly configurations. As actual users of our design & competing airframes, we have intentionally addressed the obstacles that we found in competitor airframes. Areas that we have engineered to be more usable & repairable are: Esc & Power Distribution, Arm to Frame connections, Battery mounting flexibility & options, payload mounting options, landing gear options & the ability to integrate items from other manufacturers. Our airframe has built-in provisions for all current major flight control systems. We are located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA and currently offer direct sales and limited exclusive dealers. We maintain a stock of parts to support our products and have the ability to manufacture parts quickly should supplies run low. Additionally, as the manufacturer, we are able to integrate design upgrades & new accessories easily & quickly. Our products are all fully engineered & tested before offered for sale. Parts are manufactured using AutoCAD & the most modern CAD/CAM machinery currently available. Please review our products, assembly manuals, assembly videos & website. We have posted, and will continue to post photos, information & videos to support our products. The keys to our design are HIGH QUALITY &FLEXIBILITY.


Please email questions to araines@hexacrafter.com