Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and questions we suggest you ask yourself & our competitors when shopping for your new Hexacopter Frame:

  1. How will I mount my camera? HexaCrafter offers 10mm & 12 mm Carbon Fiber Load rails that are a direct fit as an Add-on Accessory. The rails can be spaced at 60mm or 80mm with pre-drilled provisions and 68mm with the drilling of (8) holes and the use of a HexaCrafter provided template. These provisions will allow the mounting of nearly every currently available Landing Gear, Camera Mount & Battery Mount from other manufacturers. Additionally, HexaCrafter offers (2) direct fit Add-on load rail assemblies to allow the use of 8mm Photohigher landing gear & camera gimbal systems.
  2. What options are available for mounting my batteries? HexaCrafter offers a wide verity of battery mounting options including  direct frame mount Front, Rear & Side mounting & single, under-over & double side by side rail mount solutions.
  3. How & where do I mount my ESC and how will I achieve power distribution? HexaCrafter has designed a “Power Plate” that provides provisions for ESC & Power Distribution. The removal of (6) Socket Head Cap Screws allows full access to the entire power distribution & ESC’s for easy maintenance and repair without the need to remove center frame hubs, flight controllers, radio receivers or FPV equipment. HexaCrafter has provisions for all standard 45mm (center of hole to center of hole) printed circuit board style power distribution board and offers a High Amp Dual Bus Bar option that is a direct fit and rated to 700A @ 24v.
  4. Are there built-in provisions for mounting my Fight Controller & radio equipment? HexaCrafter frames have pre-drilled holes & provisions for all current flight control systems including: DJI Naza, DJI WKM, Hoverfly Pro, Hoverfly Sport, KK, etc. as well as several included Carbon fiber plates for mounting & protecting the Radio Equipment, Flight Controller & GPS equipment.
  5. If I wish to go for a larger aircraft later, can I easily upgrade or will I need to start over? HexaCrafter frame assemblies are interchangeable. The HC-650 Airframe can be easily upgraded to an 800mm frame with All-In-One upgrade packages that include required arms, motor mounts & hardware. Custom Size Larger frames and/ or upgrades can be special ordered up to 1000mm in diameter. Our frames have been Over-Engineered to be significantly stronger than our competitors allowing the Airframe Core, Accessories & Landing Gear to be reused when upgrading to a larger Hexacopter. Please review our website: Technical Information > Product Specifications > Product Line Suggested Weights & Configurations and the Hexacopter Size Upgrades.
  6. Do I want an X or + style Hexacopter? The + style hexacopter frame places one of the arms in the direct forward view of the camera. This style makes it very difficult to use a gimbal on the pitch axis and not see the arms or propellers in fast forward flight. HexaCrafter has settled on the X style hexacopter as with the use of our offered load rails, the camera can be mounted nearly full forward, eliminating or significantly reducing the camera viewing the arms or propellers.
  7. I really need a folding frame. Why is the HexaCrafter not foldable? All of the HexaCrafter frames can be configured to allow the 2 front & 2 rear arms to fold (rotate) tight against the side arms if required. This is accomplished by simply substituting 3mm x 30 mm Steel Hex Cap Screws, Aluminum Washers and Locking Hex Nuts in lieu of the interior hex standoffs & 3mm x 8mm Steel Hex Cap Screws and going to a through bolted connection for the Arm to Center Frame Connection. While this connection is not as strong as the interior hex standoff connection, it is still considerably stronger than the connection offered by competitor frames. We are currently working on an arm insert for this connection that will match the strength of the interior standoff connection. This Add-on will be fully backwards compatible.
  8. What is the recommended maximum weight for each of the airframes? Please see the current Product Specifications on our website: Technical Information > Product Specifications.
  9. Should I use thread lock on all screws when building the frame? We recommend thread lock for only a few select locations. Motor to Motor mount bolts & Load rail to power plate bolts. Thread lock on other locations is not recommended or required. We suggest airframe fasteners be checked on a traditional maintenance schedule of about every 50 flights. Please refer to current product Assembly Manuals on our website: Technical Information > Product Manuals> Assembly & Parts Manual for suggested locations.
  10. Where can I currently get spare parts if required? HexaCrafter is the sole provider of the HC-650 & HC-800 Airframes. We do our best to maintain a sufficient stock of kits & parts to support our customers. Should demand for any product deplete our inventory, we are able to manufacture parts very quickly. Our current longest Backorder was 2 weeks. If our website indicates a backorder, please e-mail us & we can advise of the date stock will be available.
  11. I want to use the DJI WKM flight control system, what are the recommended gains? The gain settings for all flight control systems are dependent on many factors that are not the same from aircraft to aircraft. Things like motor size, ESC manufacturer & model & propeller size can require very different gain settings. As with all aircraft, user tuning will be required for individual preferences & requirements. With the WKM, we suggest using the AUX3 channel for remote gains to allow quick tuning. After tuning, the remote gain adjustment can be used to quickly adjust gains for “on the fly” adjustments for wind, other environmental conditions or user preferences. Please contact you DJI dealer for a though explanation of their AUX 3 remote gain feature.
  12. Can you supply custom items? We are always willing to assist in helping you create the perfect solution for your requirements. Please forward your request to HexaCrafter and we can discuss the feasibility of providing you with your request.
  13. Can you carry out a complete build to order including all required components and ship direct? HexaCrafter is currently not offering any RTF or complete assembly packages. Complete builds may be available through third party vendors. Please contact HexaCrafter with the details of your needs & we will see if any third party vendors are available.
  14. I am totally new to Multi-Rotors, do you recommend Hexacrafter Airframes for a first frame? Our Airframes are “professional” grade and are designed to be extremely strong & durable, hence are considerably more expensive than a “beginner” frame assembly. For the first time user, we recommend a very light, inexpensive quad or hex. This will allow the user to learn assembly, tuning and flying without expensive mistakes or repairs. While we do not want to turn away sales, we honestly feel that our frame is for the user with some experience.