HexaCrafter Legal Disclaimer:

Please read this disclaimer carefully before using this product. By using this product, you hereby agree to this disclaimer and signify that you have read it fully. Please arrange to return your unopened & unused HexaCrafter ltd. product to us should you not fully agree to this disclaimer.

HexaCrafter ltd. Products are designed for serious multi-rotor enthusiasts and professional aerial photographers and videographers. Extensive prior experience building and flying Radio Controlled Aircraft is highly recommended for those using our products as they are not designed for the novice.

As the assembly, care and circumstances of the use of our products is completely beyond our control, HexaCrafter ltd. And it’s associates, partners, officers, employees and assignees remain completely harmless and free of liability or responsibility for any damage, harm, or claim arising from the purchase, assembly, use or misuse of any products(s) purchased from or supplied by us. HexaCrafter ltd. Makes no claim of guarantee, warranty or any other claim, express or implied, that any item supplied is suitable for any purpose, including the intended purpose.  Nothing written, stated, said or implied by any person connected with HexaCrafter ltd. shall invalidate any of the proceeding disclaimer. The user of any HexaCrafter ltd. product assumes all liability for all potential damages that might arise from the use, purchase or handling of any items supplied by or purchased from HexaCrafter ltd.

HexaCrafter ltd. products are to be used within the limits permitted by all laws and regulations. HexaCrafter is not responsible for any illegal activities.

HexaCrafter ltd. is a limited liablity corporation