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May 13, 2016

Please see our airframe section for NEW catagories & airframes.

The "original" HexaCrafter frames are now the "Standard" Series. The HQ, HC & HO Series Frames are included in the "Standard Series. Some airframes have been eliminated as offerings and a few new frames are now available.

The HexaCrafter industrial/ custom build frames are now the "Custom Series. The QX, HX & OX Series frames are included in the new "Custom" Series Offerings.

Please Contact HexaCrafter ltd. for complete Airframe offerings.

Here's what's new:

Welcome to 2016 and more new Hexacrafter product releases

Released April 20, 2016 - Electronics Isolation & mounting support for the DJI A3 Pro & D-RTK GNSS flight control systems. Also the all new HexaCrafter Electronics Enclosure Canopy Assembly. Both new products are fully forward & backward compatible accessories for the HC, HQ, HO, HX & QX airframes.Please contact HexaCrafter ltd. for upgrade options & pricing. See Product Assembly Manuals- Assembly Addendum C for full assembly details.

Please contact HexaCrafter for assistance is specifying the components for a winning solution. We know our products and can advise of combinations that have been tested to perform every time.

Please check out Airframe & Gimbal add-on Accessories for new products. These include Retractable Landing Gear Mounting Kits, Landing Gear Strut Assemblies, Load Rail Mounts and Gimbal mounting adapters.

HexaCrafter ltd. products are fabricated by “craftsmen” who are passionate about MultiCopters and Camera Gimbals with VERY high standards and expectations. We refuse to sacrifice high quality for mass market. Our product is different than others for this reason.  This is why we are quickly becoming the choice of Professional Video Production Crews worldwide. Our product are engineered, designed & tested to be designed for every day commercial use and stand up to the typical abuses associated with a traveling production crew.

HexaCrafter ltd. components are manufactured using AutoCAD & the most modern CAD/CAM machinery currently available. Please review our products, assembly manuals, assembly videos & website and feel free to contact us with questions about our products.

HexaCrafter continues to offer specialized CUSTOM frames for Professional needs. Please contact HexaCrafter for your custom designed & engineered specialty airframe.

HexaCrafter ltd. is a limited liablity corporation

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